Noor Aidawati, Saipul Abbas, Elly Liestiany


Rice tungro bacilliform virus (RTBV) is a serious threat to rice production in various regions in Indonesia including South Kalimantan. Cautious and flexible management strategies are of utmost importance. This study investigates the genetic diversity within the P4 gene of RTBV in South Kalimantan, Indonesia, to inform targeted disease management strategies. The PCR method was used to amplify P4 gene fragments from RTBV samples collected from 2 locations, namely Karang Buah Village and Anjir Pasar Lama. The PCR results successfully detected fragments of 430 bp, which were then analyzed in sequence to identify genetic variations. The characterization results showed that the presence of significant genetic diversity among RTBV isolates. These variants include differences in nucleotides at specific positions in the P4 gene, indicating the adaptation of the virus to local conditions. These findings provide a solid basis for designing more precise control strategies, such as the development of rice varieties that are more resistant to certain RTBV variants or the implementation of more specific management measures.


PCR; P4 Gene; RTBV; Rice; Sequence Characterization

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