GENETIC POTENTIAL OF CHICKPEA GERMPLASM AGAINST Fusarium WILT (Fusarium oxysporum. f.sp. ciceris)

Syed K. Husnain, Shaukat Ali, Bilal Ahmad, Sabir H. Khan,, Muhammad Iqbal


Sixty four advance lines of chickpea were evaluated against Fusarium wilt by sowing them in sick plot in research area of Plant Pathology Research Institute Faisalabad following augmented design to find out the resistance source. Three susceptible varieties CM-44, CM 72 and CM 2006 were used as check. Out of these 64 advance lines,7 lines TGxKo1, TGx1110, TGx1219, TG1307, TGx1232, TGx1218 and  TGx1113 were found highly resistant ranging 0-10% plant mortality, 11 advance lines were resistant showing 11-20% plants mortality and 10 moderately resistant ranging 21-30% plant mortality. Remaining advance lines showed in susceptible and highly susceptible range showing 31-50% and more than 50% plant mortality, respectively. Highly resistant and resistant genotypes may be exploited for the development of resistant cultivars against wilt.



Key words: - Chickpea, Screening, Fusarium oxysporum

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