Muhammad Hassan, imran u. Haq, Anjum Faraz, Amer Habib, Muhammad K. Sarwar


Ornamental industry has been flourished quickly in recent years in Pakistan. Fusarium wilts are major threat to ornamental plant industry of the world. In current study major ornamental growing sites were focused for the disease assessment and sample collection. Maximum disease incidence of 50% and minimum disease incidence of 16.67% was observed from District Kasur and Faisalabad respectively. Frequently isolated fungus was characterized as Fusarium oxysporum on morphological basis. Confirmation of F. oxysporum as causal agent of Dioon wilt was tested by fulfilling the Koch’s postulates. Based on morphological characterization and pathogenicity test it is claimed that F. oxysporum is the cause of Dioon palm wilt in Pakistan. The basic knowledge generated through this publication could be applied for the prevention of Fusarium wilt of Dioon spinulosum in the country.


Etiology; Fusarium oxysporum; cycads; perennial ornamental

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