Salma Javed, Samreen Khan, Nasira Kazi


The new prescribed species belonging to genus Aphelenchoides viz Aphelenchoides marwataensis n. sp. retrieved from soil sample of ber (Ziziphus muritiana L.) thoroughly described and illustrated from District Lakki Marwat, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. The new described species belongs to Group 2 of Aphelenchoides species Sensu Shahina, 1996 is characterized by body length of 408-462 µm in female and 384-460 µm in male; cephalic region rounded, offset from the body. Cuticle weakly annulated, thin approximately less than 1µm apart. Lateral field with four incisures; stylet 10-12 µm in female and 10-11 µm in male having small basal knobs at the base; female tail terminus bifid with two prong and often with a dorsal process decreased to give angular region adjacent to the ventral mucro. Spicule arcuate, relatively short, apex and rostrum rounded. Male tail conical, sharp mucro and bearing three pairs of subventral caudal papillae. In addition, morphometrics and morphological details are given for Ektaphelenchoides poinari representing new country record of this genus along with first new recorded species in the genus Paraphelenchus viz Paraphelenchus myceliophthorus for Pakistani nematode fauna.


Aphelenchoides marwataensis n. sp. Ektaphelenchoides poinari; new record genus; Paraphelenchus myceliophthorus; new record species; morphology; District Lakki Marwat.

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